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This range is one of the flagship products of Bagalu and its history:
Cases and boxes with aluminum structure with finishing panels glued on plywood or MDF: real aluminum diamond tip, colored laminate, laminate imitation metal or aluminum. Numerous possibilities of assembly, openings. Closing by padlocks or padlockable locks, available in standard or custom sizes according to your needs. (Ribs: Lg x lg x H Bottom + h lid)

A reinforced Bagaclass model is available for transported loads exceeding 10 Kgs.

Standard suitcases    
Standard boxes
Custom made suitcases
Made to measure box 
Suitcases with 2 or 4 wheels, external or integrated stretch handle.

Our marking workshop personalizes your BAGACLASS and offers you the following techniques:

Screen printing
Stickers in lexan 
Metal plates with digital printing . These plates can be riveted 


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