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 Bagalite  is a natural complement to our Bagapro range which is one of the jewels of Bagalu's customized production.

Bagapro's concept based on two profiles of thickness 32 or 53, limits its use for certain projects that require a greater case thickness.

To meet the demand of our customers, we have decided to introduce in 2018 a new model "BAGALITE" which presents a wider offer in terms of bottom and lid thickness while preserving the general concept of Bagapro.

The fittings (handles, clasps, hinges, feet) that have demonstrated their quality with Bagapro/Bagaclass are renewed on the Bagalite model.

The finish of the bottom and cover panels will be able to adapt to your most demanding aesthetic demands.

This type of case is the ideal support for effective operational marketing. The model combines design, robustness, adaptability in terms of dimensions (length/width, thickness), and attractive price.



Our marking workshop personalizes your suitcase and offers you the following techniques:

Silkscreen printing
Stickers in lexan 
Metal plates with digital printing . These plates can be riveted 
Digital Printing 

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