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Launched in 1995 on a design entirely developed by Bagalu, this range immediately met its public, particularly in the field of operational marketing. Bagapro combines robustness and design at a very attractive price.

These cases are made from extruded aluminum profiles, anodized, black or gray ABS corners and laminated panels with a wide variety of finishes: real aluminum diamond tip, black laminate, metal or colored laminate. They are available in standard sizes or custom sizes according to your requirements.  

The fittings are chrome-plated or treated black satin finish.

Useful inner thicknesses possible by combination of profiles ( F= bottom, C= lid)

32 F + 32 C = 64mm

32 F + 53 C = 85mm

° 53 F + 53 C = 106mm 


Our marking workshop personalizes your Bagapro and offers you the following techniques:

Silkscreen printing
Stickers in lexan 
Metal plates with digital printing . These plates can be riveted 
Digital Printing

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