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BAGALU is specialized in the manufacture of Flightcases for Industry. 

This type of packaging is mainly known for its use in the musical and event fields for its robustness in the context of successive transport in rough conditions. Some companies are specialized in the manufacture of Flightcases for musical instruments, sound, lights etc... It is a particular job that requires a thorough knowledge of the objects to be protected.

We have chosen to focus on the industrial field in all its forms. Transfer of medical equipment from site to site, protection and transfer of aeronautical parts, assemblies intended for the space field, equipment ,  tools for nuclear power plants maintenance .....

The materials used : 

Wood : We use birch multi-ply panels coated with a phenolic film (black or dark brown color) or a grained PVC color. The great resistance of the film to abrasion and the very good mechanical resistance of the support, guarantee a great longevity as much dynamic as aesthetic.
Alucore/Larcore : in some cases the use of wood is prohibited (nuclear power plants, some countries ...). We can then use this product which is a honeycomb aluminum 10mm thick white or aluminum color.
Astroboard : in the case where wood is prohibited, where weight is a sensitive subject, we use 10 mm thick polypro alveolar panels.
The fittings 

All parts or accessories in standard steel or stainless steel are supplied from the 2 major players in this sector of activity which guarantees our customers a perfect quality.

 The interior design     

It is realized according to the material to be integrated and the wishes of our customers. Our engineering and design department will take charge of your project in order to bring it to a successful conclusion.

Our industrial unit of foam machining is an important component of this process and we adapt ourselves according to the projects by carrying out personalized arrangements: partitions, removable partitions, upholstery, storage box etc....



Our marking workshop customizes your Flightcase and offers you the following techniques:

Marking by stencil painting
Silkscreen printing
Stickers in lexan 
Metal plates with digital printing . These plates can be riveted 
Stencil marking




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