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Present, enhance, protect

      To each concern: an answer thanks to the range of foams that Bagalu offers you. 

We do not produce the foams we use. We source them from the major players in this industry or their distributors, which guarantees us a perfect quality of this raw material as well as a great fluidity of our supplies. In addition, these manufacturers provide us with reliable technical data sheets that our customers can include in their manufacturing or safety files.

We use closed-cell cross-linked polyethylene foams (PTZ 29,33,45, etc.) machined on our 7 numerically controlled platforms as well as polyurethane foams (alveo or smooth foam) cut with a press ,saw or water cutting.

A quality foam wedging depends of course on the type of foam used and in particular on its density and the perfection of the machining. When we talk about foam machining, we are only talking about a technical and mechanical aspect which consists in creating pockets by milling the material, but all this is only the visible part of the service. Without a high-performance design office, capable of presenting the customer's products in the smallest possible space, respecting optimum ergonomics and perfect legibility of the offer at a glance, we could not speak of successful integration.

We are very flexible in terms of the quantities to be realized. Our CNC-controlled production is adapted  to a by the piece  medium or large series production.

You will find in our download area the technical data sheets of the foams we use.

Download technical data sheets of the foams



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